Technology partnership with MEDMIS

01 October 2023
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MEDMIS is a comprehensive medical information system for private clinics. Today, the MEDMIS medical platform is used by more than 200 medical organizations in Russia and the CIS countries. The system is presented in two versions: cloud and desktop versions. MEDMIS is designed for digitalization of a wide range of processes in a medical organization: outpatient department, making an appointment with a doctor, laboratory diagnostics, call center, customer management, warehouse accounting and many others.

The use of MITRA Middleware made it possible to expand the functionality of the Laboratory subsystem and offer MEDMIS end users a solution to the problem of manually entering analysis results.

Private sector healthcare institutions differ in that the main flow of laboratory tests is redirected to laboratory services, and predominantly urgent tests are carried out on site. However, even manual entry of test results performed on only 2-5 analyzers causes inconvenience to employees of a medical organization. Integration of devices with a laboratory information system allows freeing up to 15% of doctors’ working time, which they can use to make medical decisions and completely eliminates the influence of the human factor on the correctness of information in the final electronic medical document.

I would like to separately note the high technical competence and efficiency of my colleagues - the process of integrating the MIS with the device manager, testing and debugging interaction with analyzers took only 5 working days.

In 2024, we plan to expand our partnership to integrate with portable medical devices used in medical and occupational exam rooms.