Intermed has completed work on integrating the laboratory information system with Middleware Mitra

20 September 2023
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The Intermed company is engaged in comprehensive automation of the healthcare industry; the company's portfolio includes products such as MIS, LIS, PACS. Intermed's clients include AIDS prevention and control centers, tuberculosis dispensaries, and general medical organizations throughout the country.

Technological partnership with MITRA made it possible to expand the list of laboratory analyzers connected to the system and increase the speed of project implementation through the use of a ready-made and proven industrial solution.

The Inter-Med laboratory information system (LIS) is used to automate the work of laboratories within a clinic, individual laboratories that provide services to customer clinics, and that have their own collection points. When used in a clinic that does not have its own laboratory, LIS makes it possible to integrate the results of laboratory tests obtained from an external laboratory into a single electronic medical record of the patient, track the dynamics of changes in parameters, print the results on its own form, and also organize data exchange with an external laboratory in in electronic format. LIS supports automatic tube labeling, printers and barcode scanners. The system supports all main types of laboratory tests: clinical, biochemical, hormonal, immunological, hematological, allergological, cytological, bacteriological, PCR, genetic, histological studies.