Key features

  • 01


    Unified networking protocols with external information systems are implemented on the basis of international standard FHIR® Hl7®

  • 02


    Integration into one ecosystem of a wide range medical devices of diverse global manufacturers

  • 03


    Availability of backing store ensures guaranteed delivery of data to the information system

  • 04


    It may be a subsystem of IT solution (e.g., HIS), a service global information system or a healthcare provider’s system


Integration platform

Integration platform

Back-end  to provide interaction between information systems and data medical devices:

  • Driver libraries
  • Subsystem of integration
  • Administration subsystem
  • Display subsystem
  • Billing subsystem

Can be installed at the level of state and departmental information systems.

Driver manager

Driver manager

Simple application targeted to manage drivers at the place of the device integration which may be installed on almost any computer

  • Drivers management
  • Supervision of indications
  • Backing store in the event of loss of connection with data processing centre


Hardware version of driver manager

Hardware version of driver manager

Hardware and software suite  based at portable single-board computer

  • Linking up of medical devices via various physical ports and wireless interoperability protocols
Software development kit (SDK)

Software development kit (SDK)

Package for linking up of the equipment working via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth through mobile devices:

  • Opportunity to integrate into the 3rd party applications
  • Direct integration into IoHT-devices

Allows a third party partner mobile app to interact with medical devices.