Mitra driver library extension

30 November 2023
  • #news

Drivers for connecting the following models of laboratory equipment have been added to the Mitra library:

1. Abbot i-Stat - portable clinical analyzer
2. Dirui BCA-1000 - automatic coagulometer
3. Erba Mannheim ELite 580 - hematology analyzer
4. Erba Mannheim ECL 760 - automatic coagulometer
5. Genrui GS-480A - biochemical analyzer
6. Guilin Urit-8280 - biochemical analyzer
7. Helena V8 with Platinum 4V software - electrophoretic analyzer and control software
8. Mindray BS-230 - Biochemical Analyzer
9. Snibe Biossays 240 plus - Biochemical Analyzer
10. Snibe Malgumi X3 - immunochemiluminescent analyzer
11. Urit Biolit 8020 - biochemical analyzer
12. MUT HCTS 2000 - automatic sample registration and sorting system (sorter).

The full list of models of connected laboratory equipment can be found in the section "Laboratory diagnostics"


As of 30.11.23 Mitra library contains in-house developed drivers for connection of 718 models of laboratory equipment of various world and Russian manufacturers to MIS and LIS. All drivers in Mitra library are tested in Russian and international projects.


It takes from 1 to 5 working days to develop a driver for a device that is not available in the Mitra library. When developing a driver for some analyzer models, a specialist may need remote access to the device.